Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Does He Smell So Good?

I mean it should be a crime for a man to smell that delicious. That man is the MC. I saw him Tuesday night. The minute I got in his car I immediately got hit with his most amazing scent. I thought to myself no man is supposed to smell this good. I don't know what cologne/soap combo he uses in the shower but its working for him cuz your girl was all twisted up.

His skin looked all smooth and creamy and he was playing my favorite songs on his stereo (Jodeci, New Edition, Sade, etc). Don't know what it was but I was feeling a type of way. My body was mad revved up but you'd never know it by looking at me. I was just so relaxed and mellow (and mad sleepy lol).

And he kept licking his lips. Let me tell you about these lips. Just juicy, plump lips. I just kept looking at them. It was like they were calling me. It took every ounce of self control to keep me from leaning over and kissing him. Lawd have mercy.

Then he asked me if I wanted some gum (I said no) and he started talking bout lips and I'm like "He wants to kiss me." It was way past my bedtime at this point so I'm about to go in my house and get in my bed. So I go to hug him and his lips were just there waiting and ready and... I hit him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Lol.

I know, ya'll thinking, "What the heck?" But I'm trying out this new thing called making them work for it. I've rushed into doing the physical before. Kissing on the first date and all that and it didn't exactly work out for me the way I wanted so I thought I'd try something different. Hey, it couldn't hurt right?

He didn't seem mad and if he was then I'd know he wasn't really into me in the first place. Besides, it builds up a little bit off anticipation. Cuz if he kisses as good as his lips look... ooh chile I'ma be in trouble. Lol.

But what crazy is after we hugged his scent was on my clothes and I was all sniffing my shirt like a fiend. Lol. I'm telling you smelling that good should be a crime.

Singleville is smelling really sweet ;)

... to be continued


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