Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Value of Time

Now I am one of those people who can be really bad with this especially when its to go somewhere I don't really want to go or when it involves doing something I don't want to do. But I'm working on that. And for the most part I keep appointments. (I do be running on CP time sometime though. lol.)

My pet peeve goes back to my I'll Call You Later post. I'm an impatient person. (I working on that too) I'm also a busy person so my time is valuable. I believe that they way you handle time shows how important something is too you. When a meeting is important to me I'll be there early. If I have an event I've been busting my behind for I'll be prepared in advance. If its something I'm dreading I'll admit that I drag my feet and wait til the last possible second. However, the fact remains that I hate waiting on people and hate when people have to wait on me.

The same goes for any relationship I'm trying to grow. If I give my time to it its important to me. This being said, Honey is on my last nerve with this. Our schedules are a little out of whack which is not a problem. I can be flexible. What is the problem is this: Lets say I call him (or even he calls me) and he can't talk. He tells me I'll call you back in 15 mins, 20 mins, 5 mins. Ok cool. If that was at 10:30 pm why are you calling me 2:30 am? That is way passed time and now I'm sleep. I already was waiting for you to call back, now you wake me and I'm half dead, and then can't get back to sleep right away.

Now at first it was all good because I was feeling him but now its starting to turn me off. Its just disrespectful. It boils down to if you say you'll do something do it. Be a person of your word. Maybe I'm taking this too strongly but my grandfather would say, "In this life all you have is your word."

Like I said, my time is valuable just like everyone elses. And you show me how much I matter to you when either you don't make time for me or you disrespect my time. Honestly, if I did that I'm sure I'd get cussed out strongly. And like I said my patience is limited and mine with him is almost thru.

... to be continued


JSADTheKing said...

Wether or not I cussed you out would depend on how much I was feeling you, lol. But yeah commons sense should say calling anyone 2:30 am in the mroning for something other than an emergency is stupid. Like I tell my single friends really pay attention to all the stuff folks do when your getting to know them because if you ever become more than friends that shyt triples once folks get comfortable.

Tha King said...
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Tha King said...

Guilty as charged. Not only do I have terrible time management, I have the habit of telling people that I'll be there in 5mins knowing damn well I'm a half hour away. As far as homeboy, perhaps he was calling at 2:30 am because he wants to engage in some late night "adult" conversation. Like dude above me said, there are only 2 reasons that someone calls at 2:30 in the morning....

Lady Dee said...

Yeah, well if he wants to engage in that I'm no good at 2:30 in the morning. My eyes is closed and I barely register the conversation. I'm the wrong girl for that. U'll get some "Uh huh's" and some "oks" before I rush you off the phone. Lol.

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