Friday, August 14, 2009

She's Gone!

She's gone. My sister has landed in Texas safely. Thank God. Was up at 5 this morning to see her off at the airport. Sitting in the car with my eyes all shut holding her pillows. Helping her unload her stuff. But my sister is in Texas. : (

Me and my sister have this amazing relationship. Yeah we get on each others nerves sometimes but we thick as thieves and if you mess with one you mess with both, ya heard. Lol. Anyway, we had never been apart from each other until she went away to college 4 years ago. (She graduated this passed May. So proud.) I mean we went to the same daycare, preschool, private school, and high school. People used to think we were twins. (Not now but back in the day)

So when she graduated and came back home we thought she'd be back to stay. Nope. She's an active person and her job as a house sitter (unemployed) wasn't gonna work for her so she applied to this teen missions school in Texas. Texas! Now there is nothing wrong with Texas but it is soooooooooooooo far from the NY.

When she went away to school yeah it was hard but her school was in the Bronx. She was only a bus and 2 trains ride away. Now she's a plane ride away. $4.00 roundtrip (Back then. Dag on MTA raising the fare.) is a lot cheaper than a $100 or more plane ride. : (

Thankfully she'll only be gone for a year but how will I survive Singleville without her? She's been there through all the antics, foolishness, joys, laughs... everything. The person to give me kick in my pants advice. Bust a gut laughing over a situation that almost pushed me too far. I know I can call but its not the same. Her facial expressions are the icing on the cake.

*sigh* I know I sound selfish. The truth is I'm gonna miss her. I miss her already but I know that she has to follow the journey God has set before her just like I do. Lord, can't they run a little closer together?

Well, I will survive. The year will be finished before I know it and she'll be back. Until then I'll miss her something awful. : (

... to be continued


Jamie.Love said...

Aww, I live in texas. She will be back and yall will be just as close.

Lady Dee said...

Thanks. :)

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