Thursday, August 20, 2009

'Don't Let Go' reminds me of Lawrence (*sigh*)... I heart him

I love music so every song takes me back to an event, a moment, a dream, a poem, a story... Music is my life's story if you will. So this is just a snippet of the many songs that hold memories for me. For most songs I remember the first time I heard it, where I was and how I was feeling. So you see it runs deep. Picking 3 was hard but these are a few artists you should def checkout if you haven't already.

Don't Let Go by En Vogue
Besides just loving this song period. I remember this song because I love to write, have a vivid imagination and back in jr high when I wanted to be a playwright on Broadway this was one of the songs that would have been in the play. The play was about one of my crushes who I felt just needed to move our relationship to the next level and lose control (with me of course). It was to be this dance number I choreographed. I mean I had it all done (in my head of course) maybe it will one day happen. Who knows but every time I hear this song I think of my crush who was so fine and I wanted him to be mine. *sigh* It gives me the warm tinglies. Lol.

Float by Anthony Hamilton
Once again, I love this song just because. And Anthony Hamilton is my man. His voice melts me. You have to listen to it a couple of times before you get the full meaning of the song. Its sexy and sensual and it takes me back to about 4 years ago. I sent the song to a guy I was seeing at the time. I told him to listen carefully and maybe we can "float" together. Needless to say he loved it and I loved that he loved it and ... yeah that's all I'm going to reveal about that at this time. (I don't want to kiss and tell) This song... ooh... excuse me while I daydream.

Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston
This one takes me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to my kindergarten graduation. This was the song we sang. It's so true that the greatest love we could ever find is inside of us. That was such a great achievement in my then young life and as I've gotten older I've learned that children really are the future and we have to love and nurture them. I know that I had a lot of that growing up and I thank God I did or I wouldn't be who I am today. Plus, I totally love Miss. Whitney and thats probably the first time I ever heard of her. Thus started a long love affair with good music. I can't wait for her comeback.


Traci Lavette said...

Luv it, gurl! A music lover like myself. I get LOST, you hear me? LOST in some beautiful lyrics. And you don't want to go there with the memories b/c I have one for each song I love. #1 Mint Condition "You Send me Swinging", #2 The Gap Band "Yearning for your Love". Got way more, but I can go on all day and I want to make room for everybody else LOL!

Lady Dee said...

Thanks Traci. I love Mint Condition and the Gap Band too. And like you I could go on forever. My CD collection is nothing to sneeze at. Lol.

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