Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do You Like Me?

This takes me back to Junior High school. Passing notes that say,

Do you like me?
Circle One: Yes, No, or Maybe.

*sigh* I never did get one of those notes. Lol. Was too busy trying be like one of the boys and had my head stuck in a book. Woulda liked one though. Not too many boys want to give tomboyish bookworms notes. *shrug* Oh, well.

But anyway, now to the story that brought up this blast to the past.

Honey asked me the other day: Do you like me? Why is it that I was amused when this was asked? (Not in bad way) I was totally taken aback because it seemed like such an elementary question.

While I thought it was cute I realized that he didn't really know me. If you have my time then there is something I like about you. If I didn't like you you'd know; I wouldn't be giving you my time.

I think its interesting that no matter how old we get its like we're still in Junior High passing notes wondering if the cutest boy/girl in school is crushin' on us. Hoping they'll send a note our way. We still have those same fears of rejection we just hide them better when we get older.

I still thought it was cute though and you know I had to ask it back. I mean if you gonna ask me, I'm gonna ask you. Lol.

Everything hinges on" Do you like me?" The scariest thing about asking that question is getting the answer.

... to be continued


Black Pearl said...

Cute Blog!! Like what you have going on here!

Come check me out...maybe we have some stuff in common.

Lady Dee said...

Thanks Black Pearl. I will def check you out. :)

Tha King said...

I have huge fear of rejection. I think I've passed over some great women becuase I wasn't willing to put myself out there. Even Kings have feelings

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