Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is It Wrong? To Admire Members of the Same Sex

Ok, so here is this week's "Is It Wrong?"

Is it wrong that I think woman are beautiful and that I admire them? People will be quick to throw in the sexually aspect. I'm not sexually attracted to them I just like beautiful things. I think God's creation is beautiful and I can see why men be killing themselves over us. We working with some really dope equippment. Lol. If I think a woman looks pretty I'll say to myself wow her body is bangin' or she has a gorgeous face or I just love her shoes. Do I check women out? Sure. I check everyone out. I even check myself out when I feel I done nailed my look for that day. I'm a people watcher. I mean the first thing I check out on a women is her shoes (I'm a shoe fanatic so I want to see whats new and hot), just like the first thing I check out on a man is his walk. (I do it all covetly of course) I just feel like its so taboo for people to admire those of the same sex. If you gotta say no homo everytime you say someone of the same sex looks good its taboo. I say if your smokin' hot you are (male or female) and I won't hate, I'll appreciate your beauty (while I quietly wish I had it like that). To me its all good. Hey, I think Jada Pinkett-Smith is one of the baddest females out there. But is it wrong?

... to be continued.


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