Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do I Look Like the Bank?

Why do men keep asking me for money? Do I look like I have dollar signs on my forehead? Do they think I am made of money? What the heck?

Some guy today asks me for money to help him get home. I barely know this guy. We talked once. ONCE. Does that automatically translate as "we peoples so I can hit you up for dough"? I tried to be nice telling him no because I know that it takes a lot for a man to even ask that but he kept on asking. He went from can I get $200 to can I get $50 and I'm like, No.

Of course once I said no he stopped talking to me. Now thats a surprise. (eye roll)

Fellas what is going on? I know its a recession but are y'all that strapped for cash that you will ask any random female for money?

Lord have mercy. *smh*

... to be continued.


khaki said...

These negros out here act just as bad as women when it comes to gold digging.

Lady Dee said...

Ain't that the truth. *smh*

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