Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Collect Calls

I figured out who the collect calls are coming from. I got another one over the weekend. I didn't accept it of course but now (this is like the third one) I need to find out who the heck is blowing up my phone from jail. At first I thought they were from Trig but then I saw the area code of the number and looked it up. Its for upstate NY. Trig is in NC. So its not him. The last person I was talking to who was upstate was ...Mr. Feel Good.

Remember I said that he just seemed to disappear with no explanation.

So... Mr. Feel Good Disappearing + Collect calls from an inmate from Upstate NY = Mr. Feel Good in the clink

And Lady Dee is saying ... boy are you crazy. I ain't your girlfriend, baby momma, or even your sex buddy. I'm not even a hook up. Why are you calling me?! Sure I wanted to know what happened to him (I know now) but what do you want me to do for you? I'm not coming to visit and I'm not sending you money so...

In any event at least I now know what happened but these guys man. SMH. Get it together.

... to be continued


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