Tuesday, September 1, 2009

U & Air

Like the post title? You'll see why this is the reason I didn't go see Spike over the weekend.

So as I was telling ya'll Spike after a few weeks of no communication decided that he was gonna come back at me with a vengeance. He was sending me all these texts. Saying that he was sorry for not keeping up with me but he's definitely interested. Started calling me beautiful and sexy. Telling me that he's attracted to my aura. Say what? Where is all of this coming from?

So on Saturday he hits me with these long text messages talking about because I told him I'm a busy girl that he went into "causal mode" which is why he chose the first meeting that never happened (see Friday Night in the Village) instead of something more him and me. What does that mean? He goes on to say we should have connected on a more meaningful level a long time ago because our characters connect peacefully. And taking it one step further he was like,

"You should be over here at my cozy little table for two in front of the big screen, scented candle burning, some food and drinks laughing and enjoying the moment."

So I'm reading all of this quite amused. I'm like wow its like that? Now I had to go back through the texts because I just wanted to make sure that I had read the 1st two correctly. What was I looking for? This:

"There's been nothing between us but u and air"

Pause. So what he's saying is the reason why we weren't a we is because of me and air (yeah all the hot air inside ur head). WTF? Is he serious. Yes he was serious.

"if u and the air wouldn't have been in the way, by now you would have been bringing your bunny slippers, headscarf and toothbrush."

SMH. Absolutely not. What he doesn't know is the minute I realized we had different religious backgrounds he was no longer a prospect. I just wanted to see if this young girl could get this older man to see she's not that young afterall. And my thing is this. If you wanted me so bad why didn't you make a move. You want me to come see you? Why don't you come see me my dude. But it gets better.

So then he calls me after our little text exchange. Basically reiterating that my busyness kept us from being this great power couple. (serious eyeroll) Telling me that I was almost too good of a woman for him to date. (Not almost, AM) The kicker was when he told me early on he had tested me to see if I was being for real when I said that I was busy and that my priorities were work, church and family. Apparently I passed the test because now I was deemed worthy to be his woman. However, that statement got me thinking. If I hadn't passed the test basically what he was saying was that he would of used me as a plaything. And then what? Tossed me away when you were done? I don't even think so.

I'm all for confidence in a man. I love it. But cockiness? Can't stand it. Don't want any part of it. When you think so highly of yourself that you can tell a woman the only thing keeping ya'll apart is her and the air and then think she gonna hightail herself over to your place you love yourself enough to be ALONE.

Don't get me wrong I am busy. So I can see how a guy could get frustrated. But I always find time for the people that I love, care about and respect. I'll make the time for a guy I'm into but he's got to meet me half way otherwise I'll move on. (My schedule is tight so I'm not that impromtu type of girl. When I say I'm free catch me. Lol.) I'm not chasing no man. My Bible tells me, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing." He who finds.

But I fixed him. I gave him hope that I might do it. I never had the intention of traveling all the way to his place late at night on the train and I got church in the morning. Please. So Sunday he hoped I would come see him. Double no. It's the Lord's Day and I usually don't travel too far from home. So he called me . I let it go to voicemail. So he sent me a text on Monday saying he actually thought he was gonna see me Saturday. (Is that a touch of scarcasm I hear?)

I decided enough was enough. So I sent this in reply.

"Speaking of Saturday, I think you may be right about me and air . I've got a lot of things going on and I think our paths are going in different directions"

Guys, NEVER assume that we want you just cuz you want us. That's not how it works. Rule of thumb never, no matter how fine, think you are what we missing in our lives. Cuz as Spike found out I'm not missing him at all.

Singleville is a trip. I tell you. He sure gave me a laugh.


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