Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chain Letters

Chain letters have evolved over the years from letters to emails to texts. Asking you to pass them on at the risk of 7 years of bad luck and missed love opportunities. So I should have terrible luck cuz I almost always break the chain. lol.

So today, Washington sent me a chain text that said,

Me and you should ___________? Answer the question truthfully.
Send to ten people and see the funny responses you get.

Now I of course sent my reply back but I felt that this opened up a good and fun opportunity to get some questions answered by some of the guys in my life at the moment. I want to see where their heads are at. (No I didn't ask only guys, I sent this to some of my girlfriends too just for fun)

So I thought I'd post some of the responses I got.

Washington said:
Do things nobody but us should know about

Personal Trainer said:
Have amazing sex

Poppa said:
Go out

The MC and Honey didn't answer... yet. :-/

While most of the responses didn't surprise me ( some did ...ahem... intrigue me though *naughty smile*), Poppa's did. We're just friends so for him to want to take it to the next level has me a little ... on edge if you will (see I Wanna Be Your Man) more than I already was. I'm flattered but I'm just not feeling him like that and I don't think our goals or the places we are in our lives match at all. But how do you say that and maintain your friendship?

I guess you have to be ready for what life will throw you when you throw out questions like that.

Do you see why I don't send out chain letters/email/texts?

... to be continued.


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