Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Text Buddy

I wrote right. (Nasty. Lol) I have a text buddy. A very fine text buddy. Is it wrong that I wish he could be my... never mind I already know the answer to that question.

So we haven't been texting that long but its been cool. He does not live in my state :( but that's cool cuz he poses waaaaaaaaaaay too much temptation for this single girl anyway. He hails from GA by way of NYC. So he got that New York swag with a shot of Southern gentleman. I love it.

What shall we call him you may ask? Personal Trainer. Man he sure could be mine (if only I lived in GA). Check out his body.

Hello. He sent me this while I was at work. I was so glad no one was looking over my shoulder. It made me lose my breath. Lol. I have seen very few bodies as tight (fit) as his.

We just seem to click which is cool. He's a sports fan (like me), we got the flirty thing going on, and he can provide a bright spot (as you can see) to a really boring day at work. And his voice matches his sexy self so it is all good. While he's not a prospect it doesn't hurt to text and talk.

Thank you Lord for fine men. Hallelujah.

Sometimes Singleville you be doing a girl proud.

... to be continued


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