Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is It Wrong? - Moving To Be With The One You Love

So, because of the Personal Trainer I've been thinking about the topic for this is it wrong a lot recently.

The question is, Is it wrong to move your whole life in order to be with someone? No I'm not moving. Me and the Personal Trainer are nowhere near having that conversation. However, it got me thinking about when you're in a long distance relationship isn't it inevitable that ya'll will have to decide if you are gonna move to be with each other or move on? What if your significant other asked you to move? If you have a good job and have established yourself in your state, all your family is there, your friends, etc would you move or even consider it? My mom is all about your support system. I have no better support system then the one I have in New York (I've always envisioned raising my family in NY) but if I was gonna move the only other states I'd move to are Maryland, Florida, or Georgia (hmm) because I know I'd have support there as well but.... I'm a NYC girl and I don't know if I could do it.

Is it wrong to give up all you have in the name of love? Even if what your giving up is better than what you're going to?

... to be continued


Tha King said...

There's no problem moving to be with the one you love, moving to be with someone you've never actually a la myspace or twitter hookups? Yea, that's a little bananas.

Lady Dee said...

Yes I do agree that moving for someone you've never met is crazy. Besides I think that if your gonna be moving to be with someone you need a strong commitment from them. A la, a ring and a marriage certificate. But thats just me.

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