Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Way You Make Me Feel

This is my 100th post. I'm so stoked. Can't believe I've been blogging this long.

Who gets the honor of being the topic of my 100th post? The Personal Trainer.

I know that he's my text buddy but recently we turned up the heat a bit. He makes me, beautiful, wanted, desired. *sigh* I think Michael said it best

The way you make me feel
(the way you make me feel)
You really turn me on
(you really turn me on)
You knock me off of my feet
(you knock me off of My feet)
My lonely days are gone
(my lonely days are gone)

Now I know this is bad cuz I feeling him way too much. I'm just trying to wrap my head around how this could even work. When you look at this logically it can't. There are so many obstacles to this but it seems I can't fight the feeling and when a guy tells you,

I am so open. All I want is u.

What is a girl to do? Our text exchanges have heated up, we talk everyday, I go to sleep thinking about him, I wake up thinking about him. Lord have mercy. This is more than just a full blown crush. And the pictures he sends. Mercy.

But he's so far away :(

Why is it that every time I find a guy that I'm really into for some reason I can't have him? This is so frustrating. The ones I don't want are always available to me, but the ones I do want have obstacles like kids my age and being a workaholic and being in another freaking state. (Girl breath)

If I fall for this guy its my own fault but like that R. Kelly song...

My mind’s telling me no
But my body, my body's telling me yes

Why is everything always so complicated with me? Singleville is a mix of bliss and misery right now. But I'm really floating high on the bliss at this point. The misery will come eventually (although I definitely hope not).

... to be continued


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