Monday, September 14, 2009

Train sighting. I wasn't gonna blog about this but this was just too good to pass up. So I'm on the train going to dance class and this guy gets on and sits near me. There are two woman sitting across from him. The minute he sat down they was checking him out. Hard. I'm talking about hair flipping, pursing lips, whispering behind hands, and then openly staring. I thought this was hilarious of course. They did everything short of walk up to him and say "baby i want to eat ya for breakfast, lunch, and dinner" lol. Wat took the cake is that this man a handful of stops late gets on. And if you didn't know he was gay you did after he sat down next to said man (other seats were open) turned toward him, looked him up and down and gave him that, i like wat i see smile. Why this is so humorous to me is because the object of there affection was just totally oblivious to it ALL. I wanted to laugh out loud but i checked myself. When people pay me attention like that its like i feel there eyes. Can some people just be that oblivious or do u think he was perpetrating a fraud and knew wat was going on the whole time?

... To be continued


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