Monday, September 28, 2009

Is It Wrong? - Fantasizing

Ok, so is it wrong to fantasize? I mean everybody likes to be able to escape from their present reality every once in a while but can you fantasize too much?

I'm finding that my imagination seems to be on overdrive lately. My imagination has always been active cuz I tend to live in my head a little bit anyway. But I've been fantasizing a lot. Especially right before I go to bed.

While I recommend an escape every now and then when does all that fantasizing become dangerous? When does your imagination become detrimental? Cuz sometimes I don't want to leave my fantasies. I really enjoy them. Lol. But I understand that what 's real isn't necessarily what's swimming around in my head.

So can fantasizes become dangerous? And depending on what your fantasizing about, Is it wrong?


Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are your own thoughts. How can imagination be wrong?? You create the laws. Nothing wrong with fantasies. Everyone has them. Thoughts are not meant to be tamed.

Lady Dee said...

I feel you.

khaki said...

fantasizing is good... excersises your mind.
I tthink it becomes a bad thing when it interrupts your daily activities and work. Other than that- i see no problem with it at all.

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