Monday, July 6, 2009

Mr. Wall Street

So today on lunch I'm on my way to the bank when I spy this tall, fine chocolate brotha. I'm bad cuz when I see something I like I stare at it. But I be doing it on the sly so they don't know I'm looking. Now although I liked what I saw I wasn't fittin' to go up to Mr. Man and be like, "Baby, can I get your number." So I was prepared to pass him right by but... (don't you just love buts, no pun intended, ;) well maybe a little) it seems he peeped me too. (Today I am definitely looking right. If I may toot my own horn.) So I stopped. I knew I was gonna give him my number before he even asked for it but I had to play it cool. I am not desperate. So we exchange names and when he asked me for my number I made it look like I had to think it over. (Yeah right. What was there to think about?) After that we said good bye and I went on my merry way.

So I get back to my desk after eating my lunch to find a text message from Mr. Wall Street. (He is aptly named because I met him on Wall Street, literally.) Nice! I was so stoked I was tempted to pop my collar but all that isn't necessary.

So I guess today in Singleville ain't so bad. I made a potential love connection and I have a date with Mr. Smith later today. be continued

I know I haven't posted in a while (please don't hurt me) but I promise to update y'all on the new developments in Singleville later today.


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