Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'll Call You Later

I don't know how many times I've heard this but I rather not, cuz its not true. Guys say this all the time. Its like one of those thing to say in conversation that you really don't mean but think the other party wants to hear. If your not gonna follow thru the call than don't tell me you'll call.

It's like that episode of Friends (yes I said Friends, don't judge me) when Rachel hooks Chandler up with her boss. Chandler doesn't like her boss but keeps telling this woman, "I'll call you". This poor lady keeps expecting him to call but he never does. And Rachel is freaking out cuz she set them up and she doesn't want her boss to hate her. So hilarity ensues and it makes for a very funny episode.

What I'm talking about starts at 1:00.

I've stopped believing this after I heard it a handful of times and the dude didn't call.

What's interesting to me is how a dude can get mad at you for not calling/texting them but don't see the problem in not hitting you back, LIKE THE SAID THEY WOULD. Does, "I'll Call You Later" in manspeak mean, "Baby, if I don't call you should call me"? I'm baffled. This happens especially with Spike and T-Bear. They will say, "I'll call you later" and they don't call. Not even text to say, "My bad, I got caught up" or something to that affect. But let me not hit them up... goodness I get told I'm running away and forgetting about people. Now I start each relationship (if you can call it that) by checking in with the guy I'm interested in every so often. But if you don't keep my interest I start doing it less and less. (Unfortunately thats just about the time I've really got the guy interested in me) Thats when the guy should step his game up, if he's truly interested, right? The one thing I respected about The Ex (there's not much I do respect) is when he said he'd call, he called. No matter how late, he called.

So my thing is, if your not gonna call, don't say you'll call. You have us all sitting by our phones waiting while you done forgot about the call you promised to make. I no longer trust this phrase. And if you say it enough and don't follow through I begin to not trust you either. Of all the things I love about Mr. E this is one of the things I just can't stand.

Now have I been guilty of this a time or two. Sure. But its so rare cuz I know how aggravated it makes me. And if I don't call that day I send a text that night and call the next day.

So why do guys say, "I'll Call You Later" and not follow through? I'd rather you not say anything and surprise me with a call. It'll make my day cuz it'll let me know I'm on your mind. The former lets me know you done forgot about me which doesn't help your cause.

So gentlemen, don't say it unless you mean it!

Oh Singleville... be continued.


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