Tuesday, July 14, 2009

City: the OG

I love older men. Specifically older black men. I don't know what it is but there is something incredibly sexy about them. This post is named after one in particular that is dear to my heart. I saw him the other day and all I could say was "dayum, he is still fine" because he is so sexy to me. His skin, his body, his swagger ...Yum!

Now I'm not talking men pushing 70+. No thank you. I'm not looking for a sugar daddy. Nor am I looking for a man that needs to pop Viagra. I'm talking about men in their 30s and 40s. In good shape who take care of themselves and look a lot younger than they are. They're like a fine wine, they got better with age.

Maybe its their drive that attracts me. They usually know what they want and do what they have to do to get it. And nothing is gonna stop them.

Maybe its their experience that's exciting to me. The knowledge and life experience they have to share with a willing and open mind. The things that they have to teach an eager pupil.

Maybe its their confidence. Their swagger. That little sly smile they throw your way. Or that look that says, "there is no shame to my game". Less fear. More bold. Sure of who they are and what they want out of life.

Or maybe I just think they are fine. Just absolutely gorgeous. Sexy beyond all reason.

Usually these men offer stimulation in addition to the physical. There's nothing sexier than a man I can discuss current events and politics with. Mental stimulation is just as important to me as physical attraction. They have a girl straight tripping. Licking her lips excited for a conversation.

Their skin, their strength, their mind, their walk, the way they carry themselves, their... everything is addicting to me.

And their passion? Lord have mercy. They can make a girl lose her mind. They know how to touch, where to kiss. They know the right rhythm and depth. Fast, slow, mercy... Just had a flash back :) (Waiting for my breathing to return to normal.)

My friends don't understand it but its just something about them. They could get it any day, any way, any how. When I see one I sit up and take notice. They make me bold. Checking them out. Thinking thoughts that I shouldn't be thinking. Wishing... *sigh*

Yes I love them older men.

Now if only Mr. E could get his act together.

... to be continued.


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