Thursday, July 16, 2009


"What's going on?
(echo) What's going on?
Tell me, what's going on?
(echo) What's going on?"

Love that song. Who sings it?

Anyway, just thought I'd update you on the happenings in Singleville.

J is just about scrapped. The other day he text me asking when we gonna hang out. Ok cool. Then he says that if we make plans in advance I can't cancel. WTF?! So I guess I won't make plans in advance with you. Guys, don't try to exercise swagger you know you don't possess.

Trig is still in NC, still waiting for his court date and still hitting me up. (Isn't it funny that when he had access to me you always wanted me to hit him up. Now that dude is stuck he hitting me up all of a sudden. Hmmm. Makes you wonder.) Update done cuz anything romantic that could have been ended when he decided to get arrested. Next.

T-bear has run his course. After you break two dates with me without explanation or an "oh, my bad" you are done in my book. Breaking dates I understand (cuz then that would be me calling the kettle black) but for BS reasons or no reason at all... Sorry boo. But its cool cuz I wasn't really feeling him anyway.

Spike is, as I said, in the dog house. Ok so you read in Friday Night in the Village that I said he was there. But its not because he didn't pick up his phone. I was a little pissed at that, trust me, but it was the next day when he hit me up that got him chained there. See I still had a good time even though we didn't meet up but then you tell me "Why didn't you call." I did. "When it goes straight to voicemail it doesn't register as a missed call. Why didn't you leave a message?" I just didn't think about it at the time. "Well, you should of been more dilligent in trying to get in contact with me." Wait. Hold up. That statement right there is what got him chained to the dog house. More dilligent? Dude, c'mon now. I am not in school no more and you are not a class I need to pass. That's when I'm dilligent. If you wanted me there so bad why didn't you call me? *Crickets* Exactly my point. "I didn't have service." But you were checking your phone all night. Don't throw salt into the wind baby. It'll fly right back in your face. After that my perspective of him changed.

Mr. Smith. My poor baby just been going through some things. In one weekend his apartment had to get fumigated because he got bed bugs, his car got towed, and then after he got it out of impound it stalled out on him. Now, does it make me a bad person that the first thing I thought when he told me this story was "Oh, Lord I hope I didn't bring none of them suckas home wit me." I mean I feel bad for real cuz I care about him and the situation is jacked up but I really hope that none of them things took a ride home wit me. I mean I had been in his apartment before. That would be disastrous. (I shudder just thinking about it.)

Mr. Wall Street almost got cut from the team. But I'm into giving people second chances. The other day he walked me to the train station on my way home from work. (Nice). Invited me to his birthday party. (Really nice). And even offered to pay for me to get on the train. (Super nice.) I know what ya'll thinking, the paying for the train is super nice, gurl puh-lease. However, the train fare just jumped $0.25. Saving me a swipe gets you a pat on the back. Lol. Well he friend requested me on myspace which was cool. And then I looked at some of (ok all) of the pics he had posted. Looks can be deceiving boy. Cuz he looks really clean cut but in them pics he looks like he know how to get down wit the get down. And I'm not really a party girl. I thought Lord have mercy I don't know if I can keep up with him. (He told me my page was conservative and family oriented. I think there's a clash here.) But we'll see.

Now there's a new guy trying to make his way on the scene. He doesn't get a name yet cuz I don't know if anything will come of it yet cuz he kinda gets on my nerves. Its never a good idea to talk condescendingly to a girl you say you feeling. He done rubbed me the wrong way already so he gonna have to have some crazy swagger to keep me interested. We supposed to hang today. As of right now he's a fail.

City (see City: the OG) he's not new to me but new to you. I met him a few years ago by chance. He was fine then and he's fine now. He's that delicious piece of chocolate you know you shouldn't eat because it will go straight to your thighs but you are soooooooooo tempted just to take a little bite. The problem is, you never stop after the little bite. I saw him once again by chance and I almost melted. Lord forgive me. I knew I shouldn't have reached out to him again (we've been out of contact for a while) but I did (see, that little bite) and now he wants me to come see him. Knowing what happened the last time I saw him my brain is screaming ABSOLUTELY NOT! Well my body and mind need to get on the same page cuz I'm starting to contemplate going to see him. (That would be me not not stopping after one bite) And with him I probably won't stop after two either.

And finally Mr. E *sigh* When you wake up most mornings to a dream of you sexing him I think you got it bad. Would you agree? And it's not that rough, lusty stuff neither. It's that gentle, sensual, looks deep in your eyes as you cum together, next level lovemaking. (Whew. I need to fan myself) If he don't work it out that I get to see his sexy self I might just go crazy.

And Marvin Gaye sings, What's going On? Oooh I just love Marvin. be continued


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