Monday, July 20, 2009

The Saga Continues...

Why does my epic fail continue to contact me like we cool? I'm a little baffled. Did I miss something? Was he not on the same date I was on? Maybe he thinks pissed off, sarcastic girls are hot? Whatever the case he's still...a FAIL

On Saturday, he hits me up with "What up"
So I replied, "What do you want?"

Can you believe he had the nerve to be surprised. So he calls me. I don't answer. He leaves me a message to call him back. I will do no such thing. I text him I can't talk what do you want? No answer. If you think that was that you'd be wrong.

On Sunday, he IMs me asking about my weekend. I gave him curt, one word answers.

Today, he texts me "Good Afternoon Sexy". I'll say it before and I will say it again. The drugs that he smoke are superb. You got to be kidding me. I ignored that one totally.

Oooh foolishness is so sad. be continued.


sunshinestar110 said...

He will get the picture on day!!! lol

Anonymous said...

LOL@ him!!! he is really feeling you. but the more you try to avoid him the more he is going to presue you. Maybe just tell him you are not interested him, that you guys come from two different worlds and it wouldn't work maybe just maybe he will lay off.

Lady Dee said...

Yes. And I hope its soon. Lol. Lawd have mercy. *smh*

JSADTheKing said...

I've delt with a few stalkers and I've found that when you give them even a second of your time, even short curt responses are enough to keep them going. NO Contact at all is the only way they will give you a break and even then expect a call out of the blue months from now. LOL

Lady Dee said...

Thanks for the advice. He is officially being ignored. No replies. And I really hope I don't get the outta the blue phone call. But If I was a betting person I'd bet money that I'll get at least one. Lol.

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