Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm just so pissed i had to post this now but I'll go into more detail tomorrow. This fool i just met is the rudest, most condescending, scarcastic jackass I've EVER had the displeasure of meeting. He even tops the Ex. (Thats saying something.) Thats why I didn't even give him a name. He definitely proved he didn't deserve one. And swagger... puh-lease. I wanted to slap the black off him and sew his lips shut. Officially the worst first meeting ever in life. And if he thinks we gonna do this again he got another thing coming. And I'm through til tomorrow. I'm gonna have to put on some Anthony Hamilton cuz only he'll be able eo calm me down. Oh, the blood of Jesus. I did NOT need that tonight. be continued.


Anonymous said...

Ok..that's has to be a big ole FAIL!!!! What was all the talking on the phone about? Was he serious? I think main man was just trying to hard to get your attention. Anyone who is really into the stuff he claims to be into sure doesn't talk about it! maybe he thought all that stuff would impress you!!...Hope he got himself dismissed!!!! matter of act i know he got dismissed

Lady Dee said...

Yeah, he tried so hard I ended up not being able to stand him. I mean how could he think telling me he had TB would impress me? Lol. I was just so confused. And he is definitely dismissed. He was dismissed before he took his dusty self home.

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