Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Highlight of my day...

Why was the highlight of my day getting my nails done? Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but not that much. So I'm looking forward to this all day. 6 o'clock could not come fast enough. Now there's this nail salon near where I work so I figured I'd go in there and see how much they charge. First, they don't do acrylic; ok fine. So I ask her what they do? This traditional wrap and uv gel. Ok, sounds good to me till she tells me the price. $80 for traditional and $100 for uv gel. Is she crazy?! She talking to the wrong one. Spend $100 on a leather coat, no problem. Spend $100 on my nails that touch dirt, type all day, and clean my behind? Absolutely NOT. Thing was there we're people in the salon getting their nails done. I wanted to say, "Say whaat?" But I refrained from letting the ghetto out in the salon. I think I schooled my face pretty well as I walked out that salon (I do work downtown near Wall Street so I shouldn't have been surprised but still).

Now I haven't gotten my nails done in years (like 4 years) so I don't even know if the place I used to go is still open. So I'm walking and hopin' and prayin' and then I see...It's still there. I was able to walk in, sit in the chair immediately, and get all 10 fingernails wrapped, painted and dried in under an hour. Thank ya Jesus. Of course my sister had to tell me to not get a color and/or design that made me look Jamaican for real but I neva do anyway (them bright colors my countrywomen be wearing). So I'm happy with my nails. I had forgotten how good it feels to treat myself.

I was gonna post a pic but I felt it'd make me look like a loser (No more than this post does, but anyway). So I'm happy.

In other news, big changes to report. I'm going to be switching jobs in September cuz, in case you didn't know, I can't stand the one I have now. Everything is working out for a smooth transititon. I'm so stoked. So its not a huge change cuz its a job for the company I had worked for before and there is no pay raise but my happiness meter just shot through the roof.

Finally, why does my epic fail text me this morning at 2:45 AM asking,
"Is your phone working yet?"

Ain't nothing wrong wit my phone, there is something wrong with you. Most woulda took the hint that I don't want to have anything to do with you but his brain is rocks. He keeps making that abundantly clear. I'm so proud because I did not reply. (My relpy woulda been rude. It was 2 in the morning and I had to rise early for work) So maybe he'll think my phone is broken and stop calling/messaging. (Lord I hope so.) I am still baffled by him. He probably baffles himself too.

... to be continued


Anonymous said...

I feel 100% better and much cuter after i get my nail done, I walk a different walk after that. I have to confess i am one of those people who pay far too much to get my nail and toes done well not $100 but it is pricey. Its my guilty habit!! Its good that you to pamper yourself sometimes a girl needs that!

Lady Dee said...

I feel you. It just made me feel really good. I'm gonna make time to get them done now cuz I realize I need that.

Now the reason why I almost lost it over the price at the first salon is because it was just for my fingernails. If this had been a package deal, with pedicure and stuff, it would have be a different reaction.

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