Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

"Oh what a beautiful day, I have a beautiful feeling, Everything's going my way"

Don't remember exactly where I heard that song but that is how I would describe yesterday in Singleville.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was shining. It was warm with a nice cool breeze blowing. I wish I coulda spent more time outside instead of cooped up inside working. Ugh. If only to be a tween again. *sigh*

Anyway, on top of the beautiful day, I planned a date with Mr. Smith. He wants to take me somewhere but didn't tell me where. I am beyond curious. Plus, 2 more guy have been added to the list. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Lol. Introducing Mr. Feel Good and Honey. You'll understand the name choices in a minute. ;)

First, we'll talk about Mr. Feel Good. Now I have a lot of web presences. Probably more than most so I interact with a lot of different people on the web. Most are up and coming artist trying to get a fan base, friends from high school, jr. high, family, other friends, acquaintances, etc. And then there are the guys that are trying to spit game. Usually I entertain, the hey beautifuls with, a "thanks for the compliment" or an "I'm fine thanks for asking" and let it drop right there. So when Mr. Feel Good sent me the "hey how you doing" message 4 days ago I responded like I usually do. "I'm fine thanks for asking." He hits me back immediately. So we end up messaging each other for about an hour. I'm really feeling his vibe but... when I check out some of his pictures he has really soft features. His body though is bangin'. 6'1, six pack abs. And he was real smooth. So he asks for my number and I hesitate. So I tell him let me get to know him more and then I'll give him the digits. That's fair right?

So I hit him up online and he hit me back yesterday. We messaged each other for about 3 hours. We were flirting. I mean this guy had me flying high on compliments. Talking he want to feed me fruits with whipped cream. It was crazy. So I finally said I have to give this boy my number. So I did and then we texted for the rest of the day. Why is his name Mr. Feel Good? Cuz if you read some of the texts he sent me he wanted to make me feel real good. Real talk. Some really sensual stuff.

Finally he calls at 11:15 but I was on the phone with Honey. So once I got off I called him back. Now he done built up all this anticipation for me. I have this thing with voices. I like a voice that is stimulating to me. A little deep (but the deeper the better) that feels like a caress when they talk. Make you tingle. I wanted his voice to make me tingle. I don't know what I expected but what I heard wasn't it :(

He is West Indian, which I knew, and he had this really thick accent that reminded me of an old West Indian man. (Not good) While I'm pretty good with accents (I'm West Indian and while I myself don't have an accent I've spent enough time around those who do to be able to decipher words) he talks fast and soft and many times I had to say "huh?" cuz I just wasn't getting it. Maybe I was tired but when I'm concentrating mad hard to get what you saying and still missing it thats a no go. So now your girl is a little disappointed (I know I probably sound shallow but at least I recognize that this bothers me instead of trying it out and us having any argument and saying, "and your voice gets on my nerves too.") I had high expectations. So now I have soft features, a thick accent kinda high voice, and a sexy body. 1 out of 3 :-/

So lets rewind a bit. I had just given Mr. Feel Good my number so now we not messaging anymore (were texting) when a new message appears in my inbox. The subject said "wow". This piques me interest. I open the message and it said, " i must take u out one day". I love a dude that's bold and this definitely qualifies. So I had to respond. I try to be cute and said something like, "Wow? I hope that's a good thing?" So he responds, "it is a good thing. u r a combination of sexxy and pretty. nice smile and a lovely body. seem like u have a nice persona as well". Ok, ok. That's whats up. So he asks me for my number. Now normally I woulda said no because he didn't even have a picture up (he said it was because of his job) and we had talked for all of 5 seconds. Maybe I was still nice from the high of compliments Mr. Feel Good gave me but I gave him my number. Truth be told I didn't think he'd call and he intrigued me so I said why not?

Fast forward, he calls. At first I had no clue who it was cuz it was a withheld number (he was calling from his job) and like I said I didn't think he'd call but then when he told me I was like ok, nice. Now his voice, it wasn't that deep but it was deep enough and it had this sensual quality to it. Like you could imagine him whispering into your ear and it didn't matter what he said (like if he could've said baby, purple elephants are my favorite things in the world) you would still think it was sexy.

His vibe was incredible. The conversation was flowing. It was so easy and comfortable. I felt like we had been friends for years. And then we came to the part of the conversation where I had to tell him I abstain. This is an inevitable talking point in every conversation because sex seems to be such a focal point in today's society but its all good. I don't mind telling but I did remember thinking, "oh, another one bites the dust". So he got quiet a minute then said "oh ok. That's cool. I respect that." I was waiting to hear the phone click however that's not what I got.

Now, I know ya'll is wondering why his name is Honey. The following is why.

So after my revelation its as if the sexual flood gates were open because now he feels comfortable enough to ask me some provocative questions. (Go figure, right?) So he asks me, "Have you ever had honey drizzled from the top of your spine down to your backside and then had it licked off?" I hope ya'll me well enough to know that my answer was no. (even though I secretly wished I had, but don't tell anyone *shhhhh*) So, then he came with another question and another and each time I said no. What was crazy was that each scenario featured honey being drizzled on some part of the body and being licked off. And each time I said no he told me I had been deprived. After awhile I started to feel deprived. I wanted a honey story. Lol. But now you know why I call him Honey.

But get this, those scenarios according to him were rated G. He hadn't even gotten to the rated R chapters. Yes I said chapters. (If you jaw fell open just now then you reacted the same way I did.) So I said to him, "Boy, I'm scared of you." And he said to me "D, I don't know how this is gonna work. I need to stop". He is so right. So the convo is winding down, I still don't know what he looks like mind you, and he says, "When I get off work I'ma text you my picture cuz you probably thinking, he better look good talking like this" Lol. Now how did he know that's exactly what I was thinking? So I say ok and we hang up.

Fast forward. He sends me his pic. (He's French and Black by the way. Spoke to me in french and everything) He was looking pretty good. Chocolate brown skin (I got a weakness for chocolate. Might blog about that one of these days), clean shaven. He told me he's 6'0 with light brown eyes. (Ooh Lawd, don't that sound gorgeous). So he asks me to send him one. I oblige. I only have one (ok 2) pic(s) of myself in my phone. He texts, "call me". Ok. So I call and ask what did you think? He says, "I wish I could suck all the sugar outta ya lips" If you surprised, imagine my surprise. I'm all flustered all I could say was, "oh ok". Yeah, I know. Loser. But what could I say. I was caught off guard. Who says that to someone just like that?

Anyway, long story short (my stories are never short actually but hey *shrugs*) we talked until 2:30 in the morning. Why was this dumb on my part? Yesterday was Thursday. So I had to go to work in the morning. I was half dead all day. Looking at my computer clock. Praying for 6:00 pm to come at 10:00 and. Lol. I'm surprised I'm still up.

But it was such a beautiful day. I guess I didn't want it to end.

Sometimes Singleville rocks!

... to be continued.


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