Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Prospects

Ok, so I took a week off from all the shenanigans. I think my epic fail really got to me.

However, I still have new prospects. (How that is I don't know) But I don't know if I should proceed. One seems really nice. Very respectful but I'm not necessarily attracted to him. And he can talk. Oh my gosh can he talk. Another one is a medical student. Pretty good looking but something is making me hesitate pursuing this. Finally, another 20 year old showing interest. (Ok so he's really not a prospect. I'm holding fast to the no dating guys younger than me rule. Sorry Skittles. lol)

The problem? The first guy really wants to hang out but I'm not really ready for that. The last couple of months have been full of flirtations and dates and learning about these guys and I'm exhausted. Especially cuz all of them were busts. While I've learned a lot about myself I need a break. Plus some of the old guys are trying to make a comeback. Trying is the operative word. So here are some updates.

  1. I think I lost Mr. Wall Street. He didn't appreciate my sense of humor I guess. But that's cool. We weren't on the same page anyway.
  2. Spike hit me up saying, "I see your try to sneak away again". Baby, I ain't gone no where if you want to get at me I'm not hard to find.
  3. J will probably hit me up in the future but right now and then, no dice. Friendship is all I'm offering.
  4. T-Bear calls me talking about, "You forgot about me I see." Boy, please. As I said before you broke two dates with me without warning or a call. Don't come at me with that "I forgot about you" nonsense. Those with glass houses should not throw stones.
  5. Mr. Smith... yeah. He asked me to help "make him feel better". (Ya'll know what I mean) Let me think about this... No thanks. Moving on.
  6. City... was a distraction that I'm gonna leave in the past. Some things are better left alone.
  7. My epic fail has stopped calling, texting, and IMing. Hallelujah! Update: I jinxed myself. Tell me why he just hit me up on IM. Then when I ignored him hit me on my phone. Catch a clue dude. I DON'T WANT YOU.
  8. Haven't heard from Trig in a while. Which is not a bad thing.
  9. And the young buck I mentioned before (see Young Bucks on the Come Up) he is pressing me hard. Lawd have mercy, he about to be cut off.
  10. And last but not least, Mr. E. Lord knows I miss this man. Wrote him a peom the other day and been thinking about him like crazy but... I'm still a single girl. Yes I'd love to be with him and I've made that clear but unless he wants and acts on being with me a single girl I will remain.
So, as always Singleville is interesting. But exhausting. I need a vacation. And the new prospects are prospects and are up in the air. Do I really want to expend my energy on getting to know someone when it may go nowhere?

Thats the question I have to answer. be continued


Anonymous said...

I tell you one thing I do not miss the dating world!! Glad I'm Married! Girl, all of what you are going through is what all women go through when it comes to dating. Sometimes you find more bad apples than good one but you can't give up on dating because of it. You just have to take the good with the bad and keep it moving until you find the one that makes you happy! Good Luck!! keep us updated!

sunshinestar110 said...

Just keep doing what u are doing and things will work out! Maybe when you are not looking the one speical guy will appear!

Lady Dee said...

Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I just gotta keep doing what I been doing. But my goodness some of these bad apples are really bad. Sheesh. Lol.

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