Friday, July 24, 2009


I have found that guys like to talk. A LOT. They say that they don't. That women will talk your ear off but trust me, if you give a guy a comforting smile and a willing ear he will tell you his whole life story. And I've heard a lot of life stories. But how much info is too much info to share.

I've heard about baby mommas, ex-girlfriend cheated with another girl, almost got engaged, parents moved away without me, my moms kicked me out, I was engaged, my pops and I don't get along, my girlfriend used to beat me up. I mean and the list goes on. Its like I'm these guys therapist. Lol.

While I don't mind listening (you find out a lot about who someone is when you listen) some of these things were told to after I had just met them. I must come off as really trust worth. But some of these thing I feel a girl should be eased into. I'm all for disclosure but are you trying to keep me interested or are you trying to scare me away?

To be honest some of the things I've heard give me a complex about the guy. It also causes me to watch what I say and do around them. I mean, really, if he telling me all of this what will he tell someone else about me?

I get that everyone has baggage. I have baggage too, but I don't share it just like that. I have to feel like the relationship is going some where before I put myself out there. Now I'm not talking about telling people about your favorite color or food, that you like to play football or that you think Rihanna is hot, but dropping that the reason your last relationship didn't work is because you caught your girlfriend having a menage a trois with your best friend and his cousin Pookie into first date conversation is not the thing to do.

So I guess the question is, how much of yourself should you reveal when getting to know someone new? How much information is too much information? Should you reveal things in stages? Are there just some things you should never reveal?

I'm telling, you talking to some of these guys I feel like a psychiatrist. I just can't prescribe medication (I really don't have a license to practice either. *shrugs*) lol. Are guys looking for a psychiatrist or a girlfriend? Yeah I can listen but don't expect me to be your ride or die chick and I've known you all of 8 mins. Be realistic. And this goes for girls too.

Sometimes people share too much. I think in some cases I've heard too much which kills the love connection. So how much is too much?

Guys say we women talk a lot. They ain't got nothing on us. Lol.

... to be continued.


sunshinestar110 said...

LOL...I just said that the oter day!! Guys talk a lot. I believe that is because they are not as open as females are. If we are having a problem or need to get something off our chest than we talk to our girls who don't judge us and always have a welcoming ear. Its different for men they don't really express there feeling the way we do! so when they find an unbiased friend they spell there hearts out.

JSADTheKing said...

I agree with @sunshinesstar110 on this one but I think some men and women just don't realize what TMI is lol. I mean do I need to know that two of your baby daddies turned out to be gay, lol, I mean come on, the truth is that openess has saved me a lot of trouble when i was dating lol, it let me know real quick that she was crazy!!!!!

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