Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why do I Abstain?

That is a good question because even I wonder why I do sometimes. (And then I turn on the news and I remember why. Lol) And men seem to be intrigued by it, mostly because they want to see if they can get me to change my mind. (Fellas only I can change my mind)

But other than the promise I made to God for purity (which I fail at miserably a lot of times, you should see some of my fantasies) I have two main reasons why I abstain.

1) I believe that sex is truly for marriage. People give me the side eye when I say this but its true. I could bust out some Bible verses on you about this matter but instead I give it to you this way. When you unite together during sex your bodies, your souls join together. I don't want to join with too many people in that way because along with the joining come memories and comparisons. As a married couple you become one (not literally but spiritually) and that's a connection that you share with no other person. When I join with my husband the first time I want it to be just me and him. Not me and him and his ex-girlfriend and my ex-boyfriend and my ex's ex's ex-boyfriend pookie.

2) I'll become addicted. Most people think that because I abstain I don't think about sex. That couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. I think that I think about sex more than most woman. I'm a freak (point blank) and I know that if I do it just once I'll be like an addict looking for a fix. Real talk. People think that I'm innocent and in some ways I am but if they only knew... Mr. Smith even said to me, "Once you get some you'd probably be addicted." He never spoke truer words. Because of this and knowing myself I need to keep myself locked down. If I'm out. Lol.

So these are the reasons I abstain. Love it or hate it. And my husband will be a very luck man. *wink* be continued.


Happy Go Lucky C said...

I am dealing with the same issues..guys give me the side eye and try to tempt me be but I know whats right for me.

Lady Dee said...

Exactly. What they don't get is, I don't care how fine you are or how hung low if I've made up my mind that its not happening, its not happening. They tire themselves out for no reason fighting a battle they gonna lose.

Tha King said...

No problem with you ladies decision. What I would suggest is that you not hit guys with "No sex until marriage" five minutes into meeting them. It masy turn otherwise good people away.

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