Monday, July 20, 2009

So Pissed Off

"So pissed off
Lookin' at life through the glass that you

That Angie Stone song is really speaking to how I'm feeling. First of all my day at work was trash. Then this...

BS that shouldn't have happened but did happen. I speak the truth. People tell me I'm too nice, that I need to set people straight. But when I tell the truth they get upset. Give me a break.

"You need an inner appeal so your anger just relieve
I never meant to cause you pain
But it was there before I came"

I try not to put people on blast but truth is truth and the anger you feel at me may be misplaced. Instead of looking at me, look at yourself. Because if the truth angers you then you don't like the truth of what you do. And the problem is with you. Many issues in the world today arise because we let people walk around like what they do is fine and never tell them what we truly think. I'm not talking maliciously but don't say nothing.

I write as a release. It's therapy because I have a lot of things going on in my head. Lots of thoughts that want to be released. Some people can't take the things that I have to say but I refuse to silence my voice. For so long I've said nothing. Just sat back and watched things and bit my tongue. Did that make things better? No. And then we'd just shake our heads and shrug our shoulders.

I'm done shaking, now I'm talking. If I can't talk about what's going on in my head here, in my own blog space, where can I?

I'm not putting anyone down just stating facts. In Singleville is where my life happens.

" Can't let you go on with it
Now cuz you pissin' me off
I don't wanna be stressed out
I don't wanna be stressed out"

I don't wanna be stressed out so I'll let it go and keep doing me.

"Brotha can I live, can a sister live
God damn"

Thanks Angie! Every time I listen to you I always feel better.

Never a dull day in Singleville. be continued


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