Thursday, July 23, 2009


I think my quirkiness shoots me in the foot sometimes. I am funny, but its that sarcastic, have to see my facial expression, situational kind of funny. So sometimes when I'm IMing, my replies can come off like I'm pissed. Which I'm not. Now for me to tell a straight up joke, nope can't do it, but I can drop down the irony and satire like nobodies bidness! lol.

While those who know me take it for what it is many guys just don't get my sense of humor. I can crack my family up with some of the quipps I be dropping but they know I'm joking and that its just a part of my personality. But this doesn't bode well for me relationship wise. Many guys take the jokes too seriously or can't handle me joking back with them. While sarcasm can make you come off as a bish, that's never my intention. Sometimes I have to make light of certain things otherwise they would break my heart.

I'm quirky. I always have been. I'm different, an outside the box type of girl. I don't really conform to the things that this world says is hot. I tried it once and didn't like it. I'd rather be misunderstood for being who I am and satisfied with myself then be a clone of what's popular and hate it. (But that's just me.) Not many people get that. So here are a list of some of the things that probably explain why I'm still single.

  1. My Sarcasm
  2. My "I don't care how I look today and if you do, go somewhere with yourself" attitude
  3. My mean mugging stare (My mom and sis like to say I scare guys when I'm walking down the street, but its a defense mechanism because of some of the guys that have tired to talk to me. Some of them needed to get mean mugged. I actually didn't even know I did this till recently)
  4. My Old Skool tastes (I like classic clothes, music. Soulful stuff. Old skool ideals. I was born in the wrong era I swear.)
  5. My mothering nature
  6. My "wiser than my years" personality (I seem to always be the youngest on my job, at leadership conferences, etc so I've learned somethings from the older folks I seem to always be around. While this helps in a lot of ways, one way it doesn't help is in getting a date.)
  7. Being a homebody (People don't understand it but I spend most of my time out, at work or at church and what ever else I do at that time so when I get to be home and let my hair down, I enjoy it.)
  8. My cynicism (Not much surprises me anymore and things that outrage people don't outrage me because I know how jacked up people can be. So why be surprised at the stupid messed up things they do? So I come off as a cynic. I say I'm a realist. *shrugs*)
  9. My "I can have just as good a time by myself or in a group" mojo (I don't need people to have around me to have a good time and sometimes I like being by myself. Why is this detrimental to relationships? Because (and guys will say this is not true) when you in a relationship the dude wants to be all up under you, at least that's my experience. "Can I come over?, want to go out tonight?, baby what you doing?" There is such a thing as too much togetherness. I'm the type of person who can be in a crowded room and be in her own world. Sometimes I need space. Everyone doesn't get that.)

    And rounding out the top 10 things that make up my quirkiness...
  10. My use of big words (You probably looking at me like, What? But I love words and I think in these big words that a lot of dudes don't know the meaning of. My sister likes to tell me I like to use my big dictionary words. But the underlying issue here is education. I want a guy on my level but many dudes nowadays don't complete college. I'm not saying that is a requirement to date me. My dad didn't finish college and he's one of the smartest people I know. But he's educated and that's what's lacking sometimes. I want an educated due. I hate the blank stare I get when I'm flowing and I realize I lost them with a word I used or when I can't even broach a discussion on a current events issue because I know they probably won't know what I'm talking about.
So... yeah. I have a lot of great qualities but my quirkiness is one of those obstacles that is keeping me in Singleville that much longer. Are the things on this list that terrible?

Would I change me? Absolutely not. I like who I am and I hadn't been able to say that in earlier times in my life. This just means that there is some special guy out there who is looking for a 5'4 woman, who likes old skool music, has a cooky sense of humor, uses big words, loves God and love to eat! He's out there. God's grooming him for me.

Mr. E...*sigh* be continued


sunshinestar110 said...

Girl its nothing wrong with your sarcasm and if a man can't accept that then he isn't the man for u.I'm the same way just as quick as you shoot something at me i can do the same back with no problems. I will admit that because of that some guys stray away from me but that's fine. That's me and I'm going to change that its me. One day you will run into a man who can handle with much grace and respect I was told that by my brother its way of seeing that she can hold her own.

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