Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Ex

He makes me sick.

I try to be the bigger person and be friends with exes. Thats just who I am. But I am only human and sometimes I see things that piss me off. (If you not sure of the foolishness he do see This Fool Has Got To be Kidding Me) Its crazy cuz when I see this particular ex I smile all sweet but secretly I'm thinking, "You are such a jackass and I wish I could tell you off." But I don't say it. I keep the peace. But the trash I peeped just now, I had to let go cuz I'm simmering ova here.

You should never remain friends with an ex if they are your friend on a social network. Delete them immediately because all the stupid ish they be doing pops up in your news feed. You look at they profile and your like who is this person? You be looking at they status like WTF?! We all know you ain't that holy and if you are now why wasn't you like that when I was dating you? Or you see some of the convos they have with people and you like oh hell naw.

Now usually I ignore them. I don't go to their profiles, only acknowledge them when they acknowledge me, and if I do pay attention to their status changes I get a little chuckle out of it and roll me eyes.

But today, in my news feed of course, a convo he having with a good friend of mine pops up. I don't know why I went to read the thread of this convo but I did and I'm like WTF?! It seemed a bit inappropriate to me. Now what he doesn't know is that all the dumb ish he did she knows. And we laugh about it, shake our head, and roll our eyes like, this fool.

Now I'm not trying to hate and I'm not mad because I want him back. (Been there done that, neva, eva, eva to return) I'm pissed for the lack of respect. (But why should I expect that from someone who didn't show me respect while we dated either?) Now I'm beginning to think that my girls were dead on the other night when they said he seemed to be all up under her. To do that in my face is a bish ass move and shows your true character.

I don't know why I expect him to do better than he does. He hasn't changed in six years why do I expect him to catch wisdom and respect all of a sudden? All I know is that every time I see him or wateva I leave feeling some kinda way (like murderous or at the very least want to rip his arm off his body and beat him with it).
The thing is when we broke up I coulda retaliated and f-ed him up. My sister was begging me to saying that if I didn't want to she would. Had people wanting to tell him off and ish and I kept that all back out of respect. Because I'm betta then all of that even though I would of thoroughly enjoyed it. (He still don't know that my momma itching to tell him about himself) But I'm about done wit this fool. I can be nice but for so long before I break on you.

One of these days all them things is gonna slip out my mouth and when it does I won't be sorry.

Breath girl breath. Had my blood pressure all elevated and stuff...oooooh

Pray for me be continued


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